Over 35 Years of Success!

The Re-Branding of Sad Sam & Honey® is underway!! Celebrating over 35 years of worldwide success, these endearing characters are hitting the marketplace with a new energy and contemporary flair!

NEW website has interactive fun and a store with all-new merchandise featuring everyone’s favorite pups.

NEW social media sites to follow and be in-the-know about the latest about Sad Sam & Honey®

NEW plush toy partnership with Aurora World and an aggressive strategic licensing program targeting all categories of consumer products worldwide.

NEW storylines and animation planned, featuring Sad Sam & Honey® and a whole cast of animal friends including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, bunnies and more, set in a no-kill animal sanctuary.

NEW market position as "SpokesPups" for shelter animals and the "No-Kill" initiative.

The Story of Sad Sam®

Sad Sam & Honey®, the adorable Sad-eyed pups, were created in 1980 and are known for their innocent expression and sweet, child-like proportions.

Sad Sam & Honey® are an international success, recognized and loved on five continents and have been featured on hundreds of products worldwide.

Our History

Originally licensed as a plush toy with Applause, Inc. in 1980, both domestic and international plush sales for Sad Sam & Honey® consistently performed as one of Applause's top 10 brands with continued annual sales growth throughout the years.

Sad Sam & Honey® Success Timeline

Worldwide licensing success followed throughout five continents, solely based on the characters' lovable and endearing visual appeal.

The property enjoyed more than two decades of strong consumer products sales with over 100 licensing partners in a plethora of product categories, with plush toys always at the forefront.

Sad Sam & Honey® were award winners, of the Family Fun Magazine "Toy of the Year" Award in 1997 as well as recognition as winners at FAO Schwartz flagship stores.

In 2004 Sad Sam & Honey® celebrated their 24th year with Applause and OVER $500 MILLION IN WORLDWIDE RETAIL PLUSH SALES since the characters' introduction.

After the dissolution of Applause in 2005, plush toy rights reverted back to Sad Sam & Honey's owner George Valentino, with the development of direct-to-retail plush programs featuring Sad Sam®, Honey® and other Sad-Eyed® characters.

In 2013, Aurora World was licensed for Sad Sam & Honey® Plush toys.

Today, this classic and well-loved property has been re-branded with an aggressive marketing plan to touch a whole new generation!

Social media, entertainment initiatives and charitable partnerships to support No-Kill animal shelters and sanctuaries, and much more are at the forefront to grow this timeless brand.

Sad Sam®, Honey® and the Sad-Eyed® friends are owned by George Valentino, who is the Chairman and CEO of Sad Sam& Honey LLC. This corporation is a subsidiary of Creative Endeavors Ltd. which is the sole worldwide Licensor for Sad Sam & Honey® and the Sad Eyed Family of characters.

Our Mission

To raise awareness for shelter animals everywhere with Sad Sam & Honey® as SpokesPups for the No-Kill initiative and a commitment to licensed product programs that financially benefit No-Kill shelters and sanctuaries.

Our Goal

To Create Sad Sam® as a household name worldwide, synonymous with the "No-Kill" Revolution for shelter animals everywhere.

To Increase adoption of shelter animals.

To Help bring an end to euthanizing shelter animals.

To Donate a percentage of profits of consumer products revenue to No-Kill animal sanctuary partners.

Our Commitment

The Sad Sam & Honey® family-owned company is dedicated to animals and has always had the goal to do something special for homeless and abandoned animals. Growing the brand recognition of Sad Sam & Honey® as SpokesPups for the "No-Kill" initiative, and "No-Kill" shelters that care for animals in their facilities for all of their natural life, if unadopted.

Through an ongoing social media campaign and creating exclusive products and retail promotions, the Sad Sam family hopes to incentivize consumers to purchase products that benefit “No-Kill” shelters and sanctuaries throughout the country.

Management Team

Sad Sam® family-owned company is committed to animal welfare and increasing awareness of Sad Sam & Honey® as SpokesPups for shelter animals and the "No-Kill" Initiative.

George Valentino

Chairman of the Board & CEO

George has enjoyed a 50+ year career as an entrepreneur and inventor. He has secured numerous utility and design patents for which he has enjoyed commercial success. George has been the visionary and pioneer of the 35+ year success of Sad Sam®. George is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Sad Sam LLC.

Danielle Valentino-Izzo

Chief Operating Officer

Danielle joined the family business after high school and quickly achieved success in overseeing all aspects of corporate administration. Her responsibilities included the execution of all company license agreements worldwide as well as overseeing more than a dozen international licensing agents. Danielle is responsible for all financial and administrative aspects of the re-branding of Sad Sam & Honey® and Chief Operating Officer of Sad Sam LLC.

Licensing Opportunities

To become a Sad Sam & Honey® licensing partner, contact us!

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